Halloween 2014: Best Hollywood Halloween looks from 2013

Halloween 2014: Best Hollywood Halloween looks from 2013

It's the 'trick or treat' time of the year again. When pumpkins are given the scariest makeovers, and humans dress up as spooky creatures from other …
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Besides Tim Cook, 9 other celebrities who are gay

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently came out and declared he is gay and proud! He said, 'While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven't publicly …
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Celebrity Gossip

The hottest celebrity gossip and news from The Hollywood Gossip.
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Photos: Foreign celebrities you thought were American

Some celebrities are such a part of American culture, it's easy to forget that they aren't actually American. Take a look at a list of foreign actors you …
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Sonu Sood's Greatest Achievement

Sonu Sood is putting his earnings to good use. Seven years ago, he started to rebuild his ancestral home in Moga, Punjab. But then he lost his mother …
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How Lazy Are You Compared To The Rest Of The World?

A study.

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Elizabeth Banks Answers Some Really Important Twitter Questions

Find out if she ships Haymitch & Effie, or if she would ever date a guy with a micropenis.

If you didn't already know, Elizabeth Banks is not only insanely talented and ridiculously funny on the big screen, she will also make you cry laughing with her hysterical YouTube channel.


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18 Times Jack Falahee Mystified Us With His Perfection

A wonderful reason to start watching How To Get Away With Murder .

This is Jack Falahee.

Rich Polk / Getty Images

If you didn't notice (but you obviously did) he's super hot.

Mark Davis / Getty Images

You might know him as Connor Walsh from How To Get Away With Murder.


He manages to make us wish we were an inanimate object every time he touches something.

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Celebrity news for Oct. 30, 2014

That face Tom Cruise is making? He may have just read OK magazine's cover story, which leads with the headline, “Tom & Lindsay: It's On!” The story …
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Robbie Williams reveals name of newborn son in another funny video filmed in hospital

Football · Celebs … Robbie announced the happy news in one final video message next to his glowing other half, just moments after she gave birth.
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